Eating During Pregnancy

Healthy food for pregnancy:

A well balanced diet is very critical during pregnancy. Never include any meat, eggs, fish, and milk products that are not fully cooked or under-cooked. Avoid certain varieties of fish like shark, king mackerel as they might contain high levels of mercury which is very harmful to both mom and child. Thoroughly wash all the vegetables, fruits prior to consumption. If possible, try limiting coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks. Many may not know but soft drinks also contain appreciable levels of caffeine.  Regular, multi-vitamin pill is highly recommended. Try avoiding spicy, oily food at all costs. Try eating frequent, small meals throughout the course of the day. This approach will help to maintain your body weight while providing enough nourishment for both mom and the baby.


Fruits and vegetables:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the good source of fiber, vitamin and minerals for pregnant women, particularly during the second and third trimesters of the pregnancy. These fresh and colorful foods are in low in calories and advised to be included in daily diet. Ensure to wash all the fruits and vegetable prior to consumption.


Milk and Dairy products:

Milk, skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese, panner, buttermilk, which provides good source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. Consuming Milk or milk product everyday will fulfil calcium requirement of mother and little one.

Whole Grains and Cereals:

Whole grains, cereals are an important source of energy in diet and provide fiber, iron and B-vitamins. Depending on weight and dietary needs in daily meals must include adequate amount grains.


Meat, Related food. Nuts and Dals:

Chicken, meat, fish and eggs are rich source of concentrated proteins, fresh and well-cooked preparation of these products should include   in every meal to support the baby’s growth. If mother is non vegetarian then Dal and nuts can be included in daily meal to fulfill protein requirement. Avoid outside non veg food, homemade preparation meat and related food is preferable.



Water and liquid intake:

Maximize water intake during pregnancy period, ensure the mother is hydrated all the time; approximately liquid intake should be 2.3L per day.  Drinking of water throughout the day or infuse with small portion of sips periodically. Avoid packaged juices, carbonated beverages and sugary drinks as are on high sweet contained. Always handy with clean and filtered water bottles while leaving home.


Indian Diet Chart for Pregnancy:

Kindly note: This Menu is planned as per Healthy Pregnant Women, kindly consult to your doctor for your customized diet chart as per your requirement and pregnancy complications. Also consider taking nutritional supplements with doctors advice.