First Trimester Changes

1 to 3 Month of Pregnant ( 1 to 12 Weeks of Pregnant )

Signs and symptoms to look out for during first trimester

Morning sickness – Morning sickness is nothing but nausea and vomiting that many pregnant women experience due to hormonal changes. Don’t worry it will cease by second trimester. Some ‘lucky ones’ may not experience any morning sickness at all.

Frequent urination – Due to additional pressure on the bladder, very common

Bulging belly – More evident during second trimester

Emotional – Blame this on the ever changing hormones in her body.

Weakness – The body is working for two people so its natural to experience fatigue.

Heartburn – Primarily due to hormones slowing down digestion. Avoiding spicy, salty food can ease this symptom.

Constipation – Very common in many women. Fibre, lots of water and prenatal vitamin will ease this symptom.
Physical changes – Acne, enlarged mammary glands (breast), sensitive vagina are also common.
Edema (retaining fluid) – This is basically accumulation of water in the body. While edema is common during pregnancy, uncontrolled or excessive edema could be a sign of underlying complication. Consult your doctor if your edema is getting out of control or excessive.