Purpose of Website

 A Tribute to Lovable Mrs Gayatri Sawant Aher:

      This info activity website has been made in the memory of a young charming woman, a dedicated working lady, a great friend, a great sister /sister in law, a lovely daughter – daughter in law  , a crazy-in-love wife and a new born’s mother –  Gayatri was looking forward to live the best phase of her life.You guessed it right-mommyhood.

      Gayatri Sawant Aher, a young legal professional was working with a reputed bank in Mumbai-a happily married Gayatri  with Shailendra had started envisioning the oncoming of her baby joy.

      She was in her early 30s and perfectly healthy. It was that day when the entire world celebrated her joy of discovering from a sheet of Pathological paper that her family was now going to be complete, with a little angel soon to be in her arms in the next 8 months. It was very coincidentally, Valentine’s Day of 2015.

      A health conscious Gayatri, adopted an even healthier routine for the new life that was inside her. She thanked her stars that she had no medical history or illnesses to her name.

      Days went to weeks. Weeks turned to months and the couple took best care of the mother & yet to be born baby. She was particular about reading matters that mattered the most in pregnancy. Garbhasanskar too became her self-set mandate.

      The D-day, 9th Oct 2015 saw a safe pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby girl. Gayatri and Shailendra’s labour love was in an incandescent human form and their joy knew no bounds. It was indeed the happiest day of their lives.

     It is said that life is a cycle of fun and frown. Little did the family know, what was in store post pregnancy, was soon a life cycle ending.

      It was just 8 days into the baby being born. Gayatri all of a sudden experienced health deterioration which started with all vital organs’ failure. Her kidney and liver were almost calling quits and blood platelets’ count dipped. Doctors suspected Sepsis, DIC and post pregnancy risks. Nothing got confirmed though she was under best treatment. Soon enough she was fine and was discharged in 10days from then, to be precise. All that was not over yet and the family couldn’t even guess in the wildest of their dreams what was to happen. Just a week from then, few more reports came in to reveal disaster. The demon was Post-Partum Cardiomyopathy which meant weakening of heart muscles. “Only 1 of 10,000 pregnancies in the world suffer this and still there is a mystery about the cause of this mishap ”, is what the doctor said that day. Gayatri’s beloved husband and family couldn’t believe that SHE WAS THAT rarest case now.

      There was no stone left unturned by her family. Every day was a higher challenge after her second admission to the hospital. Her family fought battles to save her from the demon – emotional, spiritual, financial battles every passing day. Situation worsened, never to come to normal as complications increased and that dark day dawned. On 23rd November of 2015, Gayatri Sawant Aher left her world, leaving unfulfilled desires & dreams, moments & memories and a beautiful little angel in the hands of her loving husband. Her family and friends were left listless thinking about the loss of their most cheerful possession. Her journey on this earth was short lived and she couldn’t even live long enough to enjoy her motherhood.


       It’s almost more than a year and a half now since she’s gone forever and the family is still lurking in shock of a short-lived young life. Pregnancy is happiest event in any woman’s life but in some cases destiny decides otherwise. We at MyMotherCare.Org wish that every pregnancy in this world should be safe and happy. The intent is not to scare anyone, but a holistic awareness around motherhood & allied factors. For ages, we have had the pregnant couple and family mechanically undertaking only the basic care in pregnancies which have been passed into generations. To save many more Gayatris in the future, we reckon future fathers and their families to be more open and aware about every little risk and care.  With this very purpose, the Info Activity webpage “My Mother Care” has germinated. After all the little new born is the most special one and with that closeness to the mother, the little one wants its mother to be cared for, that special little one tells its father…”Hey Daddy” – please take care of MY MOTHER CARE.