Way Forward

This is just the beginning of our Pregnancy Care and Risk Awareness campaign.

We at My Mother Care will continue to improve our website every day. Our mission is to create and spread awareness to every family expecting a baby.

  • We will soon launch a concise, one page E-brochure on pregnancy care and risk. This version will be in an easy to mail, print format for expecting father and families.
  • In near future, we will launch versions of our website in different national languages, suitable for all audiences across India.
  • We will also create Help group, where families who face challenges during the pregnancy and they can share their  experience and coping with the issue which will be useful for others families who are going through similar issues.
  • Our goal is to reach out to all families that are expecting a new born and possibly even provide financial assistance to deserving families facing critical, pregnancy related issues.
  • Our ultimate objective is to spread the awareness about challenges facing every expecting mother and wipe out the ignorance that affects pregnancy care and newborns. We want to ensure that no mothers and newborns are adversely affected.

We also welcome your suggestions. Join our movement, post your suggestions, help us make our website better. This is social awareness project, we appreciate your kind help!


Feel free to connect with us via info@mymothercare.org


Founding Members:

Mr. Shailendra Madhukar Aher – Mumbai, India.

Dr. Vishnu Prakash Ramani – Sunnyvale, USA.

Mrs. Annapurna Srinivasan – Mumbai, India.

IT Support:

Mr Nilesh Mahajan & Mr Sunil Devadiga – IT Professionals – Nashik India.


Thank you from My Mother Care team!